Johny Muffin

Welcome to my Website

Welcome to Johny Muffin, Here i just document some stuff, and use this website for Other Projects and tell you a little about myself.

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Who Am I

I am currently a High School student who is interested in a future in the I.T Industry. I spend most of my time either at school and work, but in my free time, I enjoy spending time Coding as well as browsing Reddit. As a millennial or technically a generation Z, I have an amazing ability to get quickly bored. Due to that, I am always looking for things to do to waste my time and e.t.c. My projects are some of the things I do in my daily life in order to keep myself entertained until I get to finish University and have fun in real life (Which I have been told isn't much fun).


Retro Minecraft Project

Retro Minecraft is a Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 server that I have been operating since 2016, after taking over from the former owner. The server has been what allowed me to meet so many great people and helped me to learn to code, and e.t.c.


Galaxy Space Engineers

Galaxy Space Engineers is a Space Engineers server that has been run since late 2018, that is hosted in Australia.